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All of us at ELIX Polymers – from management to our shop-floor workers – are fully committed to delivering service based on the key factors of flexibility, proximity to customers, proactivity, a global perspective, and tailor-made service solutions.


Apart from our 40 years’ experience, in recent years we have studied the behaviour and preferences of our clients.


This enables us to make decisions and operate using solid, updated data.


This forward-looking approach is one of the reasons why we continue to make great progress that has allowed us to excel in our market.

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Our improvements based on your comments
ELIX Customer Survey Feedback!
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We integrate with your production process

We also offer our clients unrestricted access to the experience we have gained over 40 years of work in the production and supply of ABS to the market in executing their projects.

Proximity to customers

We give equal importance to our proximity to the customers in terms of bespok...

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Tailor-made services

We provide tailor-made solutions for both our products as well as services.

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Global Presence

We currently have commercial relationships with companies in 40 countries. We...

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Our corporate structure is designed to allow for additional technical/product...

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One of our priorities is to collaborate closely with customers, suppliers and...

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Bespoke solutions
backed by
exceptional service

  • New colour and product development.
  • Technical support & troubleshooting.
  • Product stewardship / IP management / technological surveillance.
  • Specialized support for each market segment.

How do we do it

Functional parts design by clients

Processing of our products

Technical support for smart solutions

New business development

Samples "made for you"

At ELIX Polymers we are always working intensely on ways to continuously improve our service driven by feedback from our customers. As a result, we have made various changes to our sample packaging and hope that you like them as much as we do.

We realise thats its quite easy to misplace small packages in busy warehouses. To help you avoid this all our samples will now arrive in boxes marked with SAMPLE on 4 sides making them easier to identify. We also have various sizes to ensure that your sample arrives in the best condition.

When you place a request for material plaques or test bars you will now receive them in a customised box "Made for you" accompanied by a folder containing 1 sample plaque and all relevant information.


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