Responsible supply chain

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We extend our responsibility to include the entire supply chain

We commit to collaborating with suppliers who meet sustainability criteria and respect human rights..

ELIX continues to strengthen its risk and resilience systems, both in purchases and in the supply chain, and also improves its coordination teams. This allows us to guarantee the continuity of operations without our clients feeling an impact in their service.

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Aspirational objective:

  • Assess 80% of suppliers (those whose invoices exceed 250,000 euros and all critical suppliers regardless of invoicing) according to their social and environmental performance.


  • Develop a responsible purchasing policy.
  • Map out key outsourced services and main suppliers according to their impact on the business and on the company’s environmental and social performance.
  • Promote the compensation of carbon emissions and biodiversity loss within our supply chain.


We actively work on a transport strategy plan that allows us to provide a stable service in the future regardless of market difficulties and price volatility, while also improving our collaborative and sustainable approach.

Moreover, as part of the supply chain responsibility programme, ELIX Polymers took another step in 2022 in the integration of criteria related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in the assessment of its suppliers, through an agreement with EcoVadis to develop and digitalize said integration.

ELIX’s purchasing policy continues to priorities, as far as possible, the purchase of materials and products close to the production centre to promote the development of the local economy and, simultaneously, reduce emissions derived from transport.


In 2022, ELIX continued to develop its Sustainable Purchasing Project, which consists of including sustainability criteria in the selection of new suppliers through a protocol that includes environmental and social aspects. This project started in 2021.

The project has four phases, which will run until 2025. In 2022, the second and third phases (supplier risk assessment based on the built-in risk matrix and self-assessment tool) were approved and completed and the technology provider was selected.

The system, implemented in 2022 for transport suppliers, which will be extended to other suppliers in the coming years, consists of:

  • Delivery of the Code of Ethics and Conduct and confirmation of acceptance by the supplier.
  • Questionnaire which includes questions relating to sustainability and social responsibility.
  • Organic Content Standard (OCS) certificate.

In 2022, 15% of new suppliers were screen using social and environmental criteria.

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We contribute to the development of the local economy by allocating 43% of our expenditure to suppliers in the province of Tarragona.

ELIX recognizes the best suppliers of 2021

For the sixth consecutive year, in order to recognize the contribution of its suppliers in meeting the company’s objectives and challenges, ELIX acknowledged the collaboration of Ipsum Proyectos Industriales, a service company specializing in different industrial assemblies, and Faci, the world’s leading chemical company in the oleochemical market. ELIX therefore chose them as the best suppliers of 2021 and presented them with the ELIX Polymers Outstanding Performance Award 2021.


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