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ELIX Polymers innovative materials ABS 3D printing solutions


ELIX Polymers innovative materials based on ABS for 3D printing solutions - Additive Manufacturing for Innovative Minds (AIM) workshop

On Wednesday 29 November 2017, the Additive Manufacturing for Innovative Minds (AIM) workshop will take place in Rudolstadt (Germany) as part of the Rudolstädter Kunststofftage event, organised by the TITK Institute (Thüringisches Institut für Textil- und Kunststoff-Forschung).

The event is aimed at all companies interested in finding out about 3D-printing opportunities. The main issues that will be discussed at the event are Classic and new applications of 3D printing, Rapid Tooling, Manufacture of spare parts, and Current results of materials research.

Luca Chiochia, Business Development Manager at ELIX Polymers, has been invited to speak about ELIX Polymers innovative materials based on ABS for 3D printing solutions”. Luca will inform the attendees about the new portfolio of 3D-printing products, the latest news and the wide variety of applications covered by these grades, such as the automotive, healthcare and aerospace industries, as well as consumer products and toys.

So far, ELIX has optimized five ABS grades for 3D printing, each of them fulfilling different customer requirements. All exhibit improved printing performance, low warpage, dimensional precision and high resolution.

For more information, see the catalogue found in the downloads section of the website: http://www.elix-polymers.com/uploads/40585aa4bd16c66277b001716c8ef217b0173cb6.pdf